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Summer Reads invites all book enthusiasts to join us in a fun and rewarding reading adventure this summer. Here’s how it works:

  • Read 10 Books: Select and read any 10 books. You can explore different authors and topics to make your summer reading exciting and diverse.
  • Submit Your Reading Log: Keep a record of the books you've read by filling out our official reading log. For each book, include the title, author, and a rating for the book. Once you’ve completed your reading log, mail, email or upload it to
  • Earn Prizes: After submitting your completed reading log, you’ll be eligible to receive fantastic prizes as a reward for your hard work and dedication. Prizes will be distributed based on the completion and submission of your reading log. And, if applicable, you will be enrolled in the East Tennessee PBS Kids Club.


Get ready to dive into a world of stories and imagination, and make this summer unforgettable with East Tennessee PBS' Summer Reads! Happy reading!


Not sure what to read? Check out the suggested books listed below!
All books are eligible, but this is a good place to start.