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Fit & Fun with Missy Kane

About the Show

Fit & Fun with Missy Kane is a half-hour fitness show hosted by fitness expert Missy Kane. Active in the community, Missy is known for her passion to help people of all fitness levels achieve goals for a better quality of life.

Missy provides health education and exercise instruction to help viewers lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Airing daily at 6:30 a.m. on etpbs, the program is geared to meet the fitness needs of young and old. Each 30-minute show combines flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and strength training in a fun and relaxed format.


Missy's motto is “Life is more fun when you’re fit!”


Missy Kane

Missy Kane is an Olympian, a member of the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame, and has been awarded by the President’s Council on Fitness.

Upcoming Shows

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Monday, August 29 - Light weights with Carol Evans, Legacy Park Director

Tuesday, August 30 - Low impact with Tara Davis

Wednesday, August 31 - Strength work with Dr. Abby DeGuzman, Humana

Thursday, September 1 - New Show

Friday, September 2 - Step fun with Kathryn Hemphill, FOS


Monday, September 5 - Interval step fun with professional cyclist, Kaycee Armstrong

Tuesday, September 6 - Yoga with Kendra Reynolds

Wednesday, September 7  - Range of motion flexibility and strength with top masters cyclist, Gracie Stroup

Thursday, September 8 - Aerobics and light weights with Cassandra Stuart, ORNL

Friday, September 9 - Toning exercises with Meredith Wallace, Eddie's Health Shoppe


Monday, September 12 - Intervals with Kim Weibe

Tuesday, September 13 - Step fun with MCS employee, Connie French

Wednesday, September 14  - Low impact weights with Nicole Pazdziorko

Thursday, September 15 - New Show

Friday, September 16 - Low impact aerobics with RN, Joy Ingram


Monday, September 19 - Dance/step fun with Kristen Portuesi, MCB

Tuesday, September 20 - Low impact aerobics with Wendy Guilliume

Wednesday, September 21  - Step marching and easy weights with Jacoby Yarbro, Club Vibes

Thursday, September 22 - Basic aerobics with Vicky Beard, YMCA

Friday, September 23 - Fun step and weights with Shay Chandler Price, Humana



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