Medal of Honor Project

Medal of Honor Project

Coming fall 2017!

The Vietnam War: East Tennessee  is a local initiative, led by East Tennessee PBS, creating a vibrant discourse in our community concerning the Vietnam War and its impact on American society. This project includes a series of half-hour films chronicling the war experience of local Vietnam veterans, war protesters, and refugees from Vietnam. This initiative explores the experiences of those involved, how their views have evolved over time, and how the war affected East Tennesseans as a whole. Through these first-hand accounts, we experience the war through the eyes of those who lived it.

East Tennessee PBS has formed a coalition of agencies who will lend their expertise to the project, including media producers, academic institutions, community leaders, and veteran aid organizations.


Tennessee has been historically known as “The Volunteer State” for its prominence in military service, beginning in the War of 1812. Today, our state has over 2,100 service members on active duty and nearly 19,000 in the Guard and Reserve. We are connected with our local military members and their families, and are inviting them into the community conversation about the Vietnam experience. By connecting the Vietnam generation with today’s viewers, East Tennessee PBS is sparking discussions about the meaning of citizenship and military service, both during the Vietnam War and today.

East Tennessee PBS and partnering organizations invite the public to attend upcoming screening and community dialogue events. Attendees will have the opportunity to view segments of Ken Burn's The Vietnam War as well as locally produced films highlighting the local impact of the war. Panelists knowledgeable in the Vietnam War experience will also be facilitated to encourage questions and in-person exchange with the public.

Through these public events East Tennessee PBS and partnering organizations are issuing a call for materials from residents and researchers in an effort to digitize, catalog and preserve photographs and artifacts associated with our local Vietnam War history.
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