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Scholars' Bowl

Scholars' Bowl is an annual educational program produced and aired by East Tennessee PBS for the past 31 years! The competitions for Season 31 are complete, and the new season will air weekdays begininng in early January.

Each season, more than 45 high schools from East Tennessee and Kentucky compete in the trivia-style show. Scholars Bowl provides students with a competitive environment to hone their knowledge of a wide variety of topics. It also helps them build strong leadership skills while learning how to work as a team. Each game is played between two high school teams of four players each. A team may also have up to four alternate members. Alternates may join the game at halftime. The game is played in two halves; a signal starts and ends each half. The team that is ahead when the final signal sounds is the winning team. The competition is played in brackets. The winning team of each game will move on to the next round to play other winning teams until there is only two teams left. The number of rounds depends on the number of participating teams. Teams are coached by an official with their respective school.

The competition is filmed in the East Tennessee PBS studio located in Knoxville over the course of approximately 11 days in October and November. Each team must pay a $100 entry fee to participate.

Download the complete rules and regulations.Icon Scholars Bowl rules (62.9 KB)

For more information, please contact Director of Educational Services Frank Miller at (865) 595-0240 or click here to email him.

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