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Wednesday 8/16  Kettle bell fun with Benny Braden (900 mile record setting hiker)

Thursday 8/17      Yoga and weights with Lea Ann Morgan (Comedian)

Friday 8/18            Low impact aerobics and weights with April Tomlin (Knox County Senior                                            Services)


Monday 8/21         Low impact aerobics with Lori Tucker (WATE)

Tuesday 8/22        Easy range of motion and weights with Gina Williams (Subway Race Director)

Wednesday 8/23  New Show (Knoxville New Balance employee)

Thursday 8/24      Kettle bell with Mike Mursten (Courtyard Assisted Living and Genesis Brain                                      Institute)

Friday 8/25            Fun step and weights with Missy and Kelsey Kane (Humana)


Monday 8/28         Step fun with Casey Coffee RD

Tuesday 8/29        Paddleboard yoga with Simon Bradburry (Tellico Villiage)

Wednesday 8/30  Intervals with Heather Hall (New Balance Knoxville)

Thursday 8/31      Zumba type aerobics with Elizabeth Hall (Food City)

Friday 9/01            Yoga, pilates, and rage of motion with Eric Andleman


Monday 9/04         Aerobic intervals with Keri Case (RN at Humana)

Tuesday 9/05        Tai Chi with Bill Pickett

Wednesday 9/06  Vibes, walking, and weights with Jared Jackson (Visually Impaired Group)

Thursday 9/07      Yoga with Suzii Ditzmus (Teacher at Glowing Body

Friday 9/08            Strength work and low back care with Michael Holtz (Subway Race)







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