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Monday 10/29         Active weights with Cindi Debusk, Friends of the Smokies

Tuesday 10/30        Cardio and strength work with WBIR meterologist Mike Witcher

Wednesday 10/31  Intervals and core strength with former Lady Vols assistant, Jen Woodruff

Thursday 11/01      Toning work with weights with Amber Collins, VP of Covenant Health Credit                                      Union 

Friday 11/02            Yoga with Meg Lambert, teacher in East Knoxville and Knoxville Botanical                                          Gardens


Monday 11/05        Step fun and weights with Mindy Mosley, President of Girls Inc Knoxville Board

Tuesday 11/06        Low impact marching and weights with Jacoby yarbro, Club Vibes

Wednesday 11/07  Intervals, aerobic and core with Karrie Case, RN with Humana

Thursday 11/08      Range of motion and upper body strenght with Dr. Brian Holloway, KOC                                            Surgeon

Friday 11/09            Kick. boxing fun with Jackie Kelly page, Dr. Jay Lucas Plastic Surgery


Monday 11/12        New show

Tuesday 11/13        Bike and step with 84 year old senior cycling competitor, Harvey Liverman

Wednesday 11/14  Toning and intervals with Krystal Goodman, Orange Theory

Thursday 11/15      PT and range of motion with Carrie Roller

Friday 11/16            Active weights with comedian, Leanne Morgan


Monday 11/19        Kaycee Armstrong

Tuesday 11/20        Basic training with Mike Moore

Wednesday 11/21  Dr. Jay Lucas

Thursday 11/22      Kelsey Kane and Maria Nia

Friday 11/23            Yoga with Suzi Cat



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