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Wednesday 04/17  Exercise tubing and core strength with Krystal Goodman, teacher at Orange Theory

Thursday 04/18      Balance with Carrie Roller, President of Happy Hikers

Friday 04/19            Core strength and aerobics with avid hiker and tennis player, Pma Ratledge


Monday 04/22         Low impact intervals with Vickey Beard, YMCA

Tuesday 04/23        Core strength and planks with Emily Stroud, WBIR

Wednesday 04/24  Kathryn Hemphill yoga and weights, Marketing for Friends with Smokies

Thursday 04/25      Zumba strong workout with Jo Chasen

Friday 04/26            Bob Yarbrough, radio host with SOKI 98.7


Monday 04/29         Range of motion and light weights with Julie Childress, retired Army

Tuesday 04/30        Yoga with Beth West, teacher YMCA and Humana Community Center

Wednesday 05/01  Dance movies aerobics with Chris Blue, The Voice

Thursday 05/02      Basic training with Mike Moore of the Apple Store

Friday 05/03            Intervals and step yoga with Andee Swann, PE teacher and avid runner




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