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Monday 06/24         Low impact intervals with Shay Chandler Price of Humana

Tuesday 06/25        Stength work with Jo Chasen, Sumba Strong Instructor

Wednesday 06/26  Range of motion with easy core strengthening moves with professional cyclist, Charlotte Backus

Thursday 06/27      Yoga moves with yoga paddle board instructor, Simon Bradburry

Friday 06/28            Low impact dance moves and ab work with teen dancer from Gibbs, Grayson Buchanan


Monday 07/01         Circuit training and aerobics with former lady vols swim coach, Jen Woodruff

Tuesday 07/02        Low impact chair aerobics with oak Ridge assisted living facility teacher, Monica Davis

Wednesday 07/03  Step aerobics and light weights with Marcel Holeman, teacher at Pellissippi State

Thursday 07/04      Fun drills and core strength with Olympic pole vault finalist, Kelsie Ahbe

Friday 07/05            One on one with Missy and some of her favorite exercises with kettle bell


Monday 07/08         Easy kick boxing moves with Chrisy McKinnis, Humana

Tuesday 07/09        Easy step aerobics with 84 year old cyclist, Harvey Liverman

Wednesday 07/10  Pilates type strength work with nutrionist teacher at Orange Theory, Krystal Goodman

Thursday 07/11      New Show

Friday 07/12            Step in place and light weights with Jacoby Yarbro of Club Vibes


Teen Fit and Fun

Weekdays at 1:00 pm.




Monday 06/24         Intervals with WBIR an chor, Leslie Ackerman

Tuesday 06/25        Step fun and baton with Ella Riggs, 10 year old swimmer

Wednesday 06/26  Step fun with Andee Swann, PE teacher from Morristown

Thursday 06/27      Dance moves and ab work with high school student, Grayson Buchanan

Friday 06/28            Kettle bell and strength work with pole vaulter, Chasxe Branon


Monday 07/01         Pilates with Krystal Goodman, Orange Theory

Tuesday 07/02        Kettle bell and weights with college fresman Logan Maddox

Wednesday 07/03  Kick boxing with Chrissy McKinnis, Humana

Thursday 07/04      New Show

Friday 07/05            Yoga with Meg Lambert, yoga instructor


Monday 07/08         Quick intervals with former marine, Kaycee Russell

Tuesday 07/09        Active weights with Mission of Hope Scholarship recipient, Summer Botts

Wednesday 07/10  One on one step and weights with Missy

Thursday 07/11      Sarah Vansickle, host of beauty hunters and former lady vols soccer player

Friday 07/12            Mary Cates, cross fit coach and cancer survivor







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