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Monday 01/08       ​Low impact with popular comedian, Leann Morgan


Tuesday 01/09      ​ Kickboxing with Humana's Christy McKinnis 

Wednesday 01/10 ​Yoga with April Tomlin from Knox County​

Thursday 01/11     Stepping and light weights with motivational speaker Jared Jackson (Club Vibes)


Friday 01/12           New show. Stay tuned for details


Monday 01/15       ​Intervals with Crossville's Tammy Sells 

Tuesday 01/16      ​ Kettle bell fun with Missy's husband, Jim Bemiller


Wednesday 01/17 ​Favorites moves with Missy


Thursday 01/18     New show. Details comming soon

Friday 01/19           Kettle bell strength with Ed McAlister, owner of River Sports Outfitters


Monday 01/22       ​Quick intervals with top US cyclist, Kaycee Armstrong (from Morristown)


Tuesday 01/23      ​ Humana's Denel Greve


Wednesday 01/24 Zumba type fitness with Food Cy's Elizabeth Hall


Thursday 01/25     Yoga and weights with Julie Ferrara from UT Business School


Friday 01/26           Quick intervals with Hannah Hall from New Balance Knoxville


Monday 01/29       ​Fun step and weights with Elvira Grant of Elvira's Cafe

Tuesday 01/30      ​Yoga with Suzi Car Ditzmuse, teacher from Glowing Body and Bullman Gym

Wednesday 01/31 ​New show. Details coming soon

Thursday 01/02     Toning and weights with floral design Britta Boinger

Friday 01/03           Quick intervals with Hannah Hall from New Balance Knoxville

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